Jennifer Martin Samuels Picture

Jennifer Martin Samuels

Vice President - Investor Relations and ESG Stewardship

Ms. Samuels was appointed Vice President – Investor Relations of SM Energy in February 2018, and ESG Stewardship was added to her title in January 2023. Ms. Samuels joined SM Energy in 2015 as Senior Director – Investor Relations.

Ms. Samuels has more than 30 years of experience in Finance and Corporate Development, including approximately 25 years in natural resource industries. Prior to joining SM Energy, Ms. Samuels served as Vice President of Investor Relations at Bill Barrett Corporation since 2007 and served in Vice President positions in Planning and Investor Relations at AIMCO starting in 2002. Ms. Samuels began her career with Apache Corporation.

Ms. Samuels currently serves on the ESG Committee of the American Exploration and Production Council (AXPC).

BA, French/Business, University of Colorado Boulder

MBA, concentration in Finance, University of Colorado Boulder