SM Energy values partnerships.

Our suppliers are essential to our success and we actively work to create value and transparency in our supplier partnerships. SM Energy fosters partnerships in line with our core values, which mandate that we conduct business with the highest ethical standards.

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Current SM Energy Suppliers

Supplier Support

Your Accounts Payable support team will provide an email reply to all inquiries within 3-5 business days.
Email your inquiry to:

Direct Deposit Payments

Our preferred payment method to our Suppliers is by ACH/direct deposit. An electronic payment is faster and more secure than mailing checks. Email your enrollment request to:

Potential SM Energy Suppliers?

SM Energy seeks long-term partnerships with suppliers who share values similar to SM Energy. Our Supply Chain Management team works closely with our operations teams to determine the selection of suppliers who bring the most value to SM Energy. Prospective Suppliers who believe they share our values and could bring a value proposition to SM Energy must first obtain SM Energy employee sponsorship. In order to initiate the process, an SM Energy employee will complete a New Supplier Request Form which includes a business justification on behalf of the supplier. The New Supplier process will not move forward without both the SM Energy employee sponsorship and the completion, review, and approval of the New Supplier Request Form.

Electronic Invoice Submissions

Our preferred method of invoice submission is electronic invoicing through Enverus OpenInvoice. This will immensely speed up the approval process and eliminate the risk of lost invoices. It will also give you visibility to your invoice and payment status. Email your enrollment re-quest to:

Accelerated Payment Options

We have partnered with JP Morgan to offer a single use virtual card payment option. Participant’s invoices will be handled with priority through an expedited workflow and paid upon invoice approval. Email your enrollment request to:

We are also offering an accelerated payment option which will significantly reduce payment terms when an early payment discount is provided. Participant’s invoices will be handled with priority through an expedited workflow. Our preferred early payment term is 2% net 15. Email your enrollment request to:

Review SM Energy’s Code of Business Conduct

Prospective suppliers interested in sharing company information such as service offerings, operation locations, and safety statistics may create a free public profile with BidOut:

BidOut Account

Please note that creating a profile in BidOut does not guarantee future business or bidding opportunities with SM Energy.