Applying technology and innovation to drive inventory expansion and returns enhancement.

Our South Texas assets combine the prolific Eagle Ford natural gas play with the recently discovered high liquids content Austin Chalk for more than ~155,000 net acres for greater than a decade of high-quality inventory.

South Texas proud in the Maverick Basin.

Topographical map of Texas showing the Maverick Basin asset area in South Texas.

Located in far south Texas, the Maverick Basin is presently a Cretaceous-aged foreland basin with a history that extends back to Jurassic-aged rifting.  The Maverick Basin is lightly explored relative to the adjacent Gulf Coast Basin, yet it possesses a long history of economic geology with viable production of lignite, low grade coal, tar sands, oil and natural gas.  The basin emerged as a prolific producer in the early 2000s with the discovery of the Eagle Ford. There remain significant economic hydrocarbon accumulations yet to be discovered as evidenced by the recent emergence of the even more prolific Austin Chalk play.  In our eyes there is more to come from this exciting basin!