We value your partnership and trust.

SM Energy knows that it takes safe and responsible operations to earn land owner trust. We work hard each day to help ensure that our employees, contractors and neighbors are safe with additional emphasis on protecting the environment.

Payout and Revenue Statements

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Questions regarding Joint Interest Billings:

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Assistance with 1099 Reporting:

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Check out the FAQs below for commonly asked questions. If you need more information, send us a message, or you can reach us at ownerrelations@sm-energy.com:

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How do I contact SM Energy?

Phone: 303-863-4367 (Toll Free Hotline)
Fax: 303-863-7539

SM Energy Company
1700 Lincoln Street, Suite 3200
Denver, CO 80203

Email: ownerrelations@sm-energy.com

Please complete, print and sign the change of address form and mail or fax it to SM Energy. See first question above for mailing or faxing instructions.

Occasionally postal delays may happen and  a check may take longer than normal to arrive. If your check is more than two weeks late, contact SM Energy as soon as possible.

Payments from SM Energy are usually mailed between the 22nd and 26th of the month.

Yes. If you would like to receive your royalty payments via direct deposit, please mail SM Energy a completed Direct Deposit Form with a letter from your financial institution dated within the last 6 months. The letter should include your bank’s ABA routing number along with your account number and indicate whether the account is checking or savings.

Changing market conditions may cause price fluctuations, while mechanical or operational problems or routine maintenance causing downtime may temporarily affect production. If you have reason to believe an error has occurred, contact SM Energy via email at ownerrelations@sm-energy.com or by calling 303-863-4367.

Yes. Small payments are accumulated until the amount exceeds $25. However, in August checks are issued for any accumulation of dollars under $25.

SM Energy strives to disburse revenues in accordance with an owner’s lease agreement and state statutes. If an error or discrepancy is discovered, a correction will be made and adjustments may result. For instance, SM Energy may be given inaccurate production figures or pricing from a transporter. In that circumstance, an adjustment would be required.

If the deceased party’s estate is being probated, provide SM Energy with a court certified copy of the death certificate, letters testamentary naming the personal representative, and recorded final decree of distribution. If probate is completed in a state other than where the well is located, an exemplified copy will need to be filed in the state where the well is producing. If the estate is not probated, provide SM Energy with a copy of the will (if available), court certified death certificate and request information regarding an Affidavit of Heirship from SM Energy. Once SM Energy receives the appropriate documentation to credit heirs with the interest, SM Energy will update its records and send a Division Order to the heirs for review and execution.

Provide SM Energy with court certified copy of Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree and state how you want your name changed. For example, change FROM Jane Doe TO Jane Smith. Please advise if you want your interest suspended or if SM Energy should continue payment as is until transaction is complete.

Prepare or have prepared a Memorandum of Trust and a conveyance document from the current owner of record into the Trust. Have the documents recorded in the county and state where the minerals reside. Provide SM Energy with a copy of the recorded documents along with the tax identification number of Trust, telephone number and address if applicable. Advise SM Energy if the owner wants the interest suspended or if SM Energy should continue payment as is until transaction is complete.

Provide that portion of the Trust document that determines who is successor Trustee as well as the duties and powers of the Trustee, circumstances leading to replacement of Trustee, and let us know if an address change is also needed.  If a change of address is required, provide the full street address, city, state and zip code.

Provide an assignment, deed or conveyance that has been recorded in the county and state where the minerals reside. SM Energy requires the social security number of the new payee, address and daytime telephone number. A new Division Order will be forwarded to the new owner for review and execution.

Provide a conveyance document establishing joint tenancy or tenants in common that has been recorded in the county and state where the minerals reside. Advise if you want the interest suspended or if SM Energy should continue payment as is until transaction is complete.

SM Energy updates statements quarterly.

SM Energy does not mail statements. However, you may download statements anytime from the secure owner website.