Julio M. Quintana Picture

Julio M. Quintana

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Quintana has been a director of SM Energy since 2006 and currently serves as Chairman of the Board and Chairperson of the Executive Committee.

Mr. Quintana is a retired oil and gas executive who was with Tesco Corporation (NASDAQ: TESO) from 2004 to 2015. While at Tesco Corporation, Mr. Quintana served as the President and Chief Executive Officer, and served on Tesco’s Board of Directors. Prior to his appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Quintana served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to Tesco, Mr. Quintana worked for Schlumberger Corporation (NYSE: SLB) for five years as Vice President of Integrated Project Management and Vice President of Marketing for the Americas. Prior to Schlumberger, Mr. Quintana worked for nearly 20 years for Unocal Corporation, an integrated E&P company, in various operational and managerial roles.

Mr. Quintana currently serves on the Board of Directors of Newmont Mining Company (NYSE: NEM) and of California Resources Corporation (NYSE: CRC). Additionally, Mr. Quintana previously served on the Board of Directors for Basic Energy Services (NYSE: BAS) from 2016 until 2021.