On November 20, 2002, SM Energy began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under "SM". Previously, the company, then named St. Mary Land Exploration Company, traded on NASDAQ as "MARY".

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No. SM Energy stock can only be purchased through brokerage firms.

Yes, SM Energy has paid cash dividends since 1940. In November 2023, the company announced that its Board of Directors approved a 20% increase in the fixed dividend, with the intention to pay $0.72 per share annually, to be paid in quarterly increments of $0.18 per share, beginning in 1Q24. The increase is part of a return of capital strategy that is intended to support long-term, sustainable capital investment and balance sheet strength with upside.

If your stock is held through a brokerage firm, the changes can be made with the person servicing your account.

If you are a "shareholder of record", meaning you hold the stock directly in your name, you need to contact SM Energy’s stock transfer agent:

Computershare Investor Services
350 Indiana Street,
Ste. 800
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303-262-0600
Fax: 303-260-0700

Or, visit their website for useful information and change forms: www.computershare.com

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